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Our Lignocolor wood stain is an odourless, eco-friendly, ready-to-use and universally applicable water-based wood stain in many different colours. Easy, one coat application. A particular advantage is the easy processing and the fast drying. After sealing with Lignocolor Multi-seal Clear Topcoat, the total coating is tested according to DIN EN 71-3 and is therefore suitable for children's toys made of wood.

Available in 100ml size.


The surface must be dry and clean. The raw wood or the intact old coating (without cracks and chives) should be sanded evenly in the direction of the wood grain with a grain size of 180 - 240 and dusted well. Damaged surfaces, loose or oil- and wax-containing old coatings must be completely sanded beforehand.


Colour: "Light Walnut" sealed with Lignocolor Multi-seal Clear Topcoat

Stir well or shake before use!


In order to achieve a very hard durable, water, coffee and alcohol resistant finish, we would kindly recommend you to seal our wood stain with Lignocolor Multi-seal Clear Topcoat:

1. Before applying the wood stain, wet the sanded (final grit 120-140) wood with a wet cloth and let dry. The technique called "popping" the grain: it opens the pores of the wood to allow it to take the stain evenly and deeply.

2. Sand the surface by hand (grit 180 - 220) You need a smooth surface with no blemishes because stain will highlight scratches and dings in the wood.

3. Apply one coat of our Lignocolor wood stain then let dry (applying a second coat will make the colour darker)

4. Pour a small amount (30-40ml for one bedside) of the Multi-seal Clear Topcoat into a plastic container to avoid discoloration of lacquer in tin (wood stain will slightly colour your flat brush)

5. Apply one coat of the Topcoat and let dry for 20-30 minutes

6. Apply a second coat and let dry overnight

7. Give a light sand

8. Apply a third (final) coat of the Topcoat.

Happy painting !