Our Lignocolor Shabby-lacquer is a high-quality, single-component water-based lacquer for sealing Shabby Chic surfaces as well as furniture and home accessories. It protects the wood from everyday stresses such as dirt and makes the surface water-repellent and scratch-resistant.

Available in Matt (satin) and Extra-matt (matte)

Wooden surfaces must be durable, look perfect and feel comfortable. In addition, wood-based materials should and can contribute to a positive life cycle assessment if natural wood is refineded sustainably. This is exactly what the Lignocolor sealing does – the eco-friendly, single-component water-based lacquer is for sealing resistant Shabby Chic surfaces. With the specially manufactured lacquer from our paint manufacturer in Münsterland (GER), you extend the service life of the natural raw material wood. And that is the true sustainability – for the environment and for a clean wood surface.


Our Shabby-lacquer has a slighlty tixotropic consistency when opening the can. Simply stir gently and the lacquer becomes liquid. First, apply a thin layer on the painted surface then leave it to dry for 1-2 hours. The less you apply, the more the matte chalk character remains. If necessary, you can then apply another coat without sanding - second layer increases durability. Drying should take overnight.