2021 Paint Color Trends - LIGNOCOLOR AUSTRALIA

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Around the world, the 2021 paint color and design trends reflect on wellbeing, sustainability and human connection. Both natural and serene, our 2021 paint color palette of the year was chosen by Robert and me to bring nature, warm lightness and a sense of calm to your home. We believe 2021 will be about bare and stained timber, natural, calming tones, greens, dark blue and greys. A lot of greys.

Introducing the 2021 OLD SHABBY CHIC Color of the Year


Our Olive green is a grey-tinged, cool looking, dark, deep yellowish-green color, named after the fruit. Olive’s dark hue means it is sometimes mistaken for a pale brown. However while olive sits between green and yellow on the color wheel, it’s generally thought to be a shade of green. That colour brings nature and calm to your home and is considered to be one of our most popular and modern colours. 

Olive green is a versatile color. It looks sophisticated alongside raw and stained timber and neutral colours like beige, sage green and greys. In interior design, a splash of olive green can warm up a room. The colors that pair well with olive green include:

OLD SHABBY CHIC Cream, Navy Blue, Pearl, Storm, Evergreen, Madrid Green, Stone & our 1881gold metallic colour.

Kelly Carrol (NSW) has painted her kitchen hutch in our Old Shabby Chic OLIVE , sealed with Lignocolor Shabby-lacquer:

A beautiful work, Lignocolor Olive by Manuela Mosler (GERMANY):

Zsanett Gombaly (HUN) Olive & Cream:

Kitchen cupboards painted in Lignocolor OLIVE by Zsanett Gombaly.


Anne Werner (Ger) is a furniture artist, she painted these lovely furniture pieces in our Lignocolor Old Shabby Chic Olive and Cream :


Anne used our Olive and Cream colours and our Lignocolor grey Furniture wax on that beautiful bedside:

2021 Paint Color Palette Of The Year -


Both natural and serene, our 2021 paint color palette of the year was chosen to bring warm lightness and a sense of calm to your home. This palette is also easy to use and flexible, made with versatile tones that can be used as either the supporting or dominant color on your furniture.

1. Naval color trend

A darker blue color will be the 2021 trend. The new black proper for creating elegant and contemporary piece of furnitures.

Our Old Shabby Chic Navy blue is quite the versatile color, pairing wonderfully with bare or stained timber, different shades and tints of greens, greys, oranges, reds and our Luxury Edition Gold, Rose gold and 1881 Gold metallic paints.

2. Earth tones with natural or stained timber

From Scandinavian inspirations, painted furniture with bare and stained timber and light woods will be a trend in 2021.

Timber introduces a warm vibe in any space and provides an instant connection to nature.

With sustainability and health being the key drivers in 2021, timber’s popularity continues to grow.

Mid-century modern is a style that’s timeless and sleek. Heavily influenced by the design concept that ‘form follows function’ mid-century homes and furniture are often characterised by their practical designs and beautiful craftsmanship.

Wooden furniture is big for this decade, as is timber veneer. Look for furniture in shades of dark and natural timber finishes, such as walnut, usually with rounded shapes such as rounded chair backs, legs and edges. The timber credenza, rounded dining chairs and the Eames lounger chair are icons of this time.

Photos: 1. www.bhg.com.au

2. Lignocolor Australia

3. Greys – the colors of the year

Is grey the new beige? Depends on who you ask, but if retail trends are any indication, it's replacing off-white as the new go-to neutral. Perhaps that's because of its endless versatility: Whether you're aiming for bright and crisp or warm and cozy, there's a grey in our colour range that will accomplish the task.

With a renewed appreciation for natural beauty – Even the smallest amount of wood can take a dark grey scheme from severe and serious to elegant.

Natascha Köpfer (GER) has painted her kitchen hutch in our Storm colour:

Andre BI (GER) has painted her cupboard in a custom colour mix of Macchiato and Pearl: