Available in 375ml and 750ml sizes.

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Our Lignocolor Multi-seal Clear Topcoat is a self-leveling, 1-component water-based topcoat for professional sealing of wood and wood materials. Super easy to use and it dries very fast. Thanks to its high-quality raw materials, our Lignocolor Multi-seal Clear Topcoat is extremely resistant to everyday household chemicals and is also extremely scratch-resistant. It is odorless, environmentally friendly and free of toxic additives. Suitable for all common types of wood such as pine, maple, beech, mahogany or oak.

Tested in accordance with EN 71, part 3. Safety for children's toys after drying the coating.

Also suitable for sealing chalk and mineral paints. (2 coats)

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The sanded / stained / bare wood must be dust free, clean and dry. The raw wood should be sanded evenly in the direction of the wood grain with a grain size of 180 - 240 and then dusted well. Damaged surfaces and loose old coatings must be completely sanded beforehand. Pure wood substrates should be polished in a graduated manner (150 to 240 grain).


Stir well before use! After the material has been removed, close the container well again and again to protect the contents from drying/skin formation. First apply a layer to raw wood with a brush or roll and let dry for 2 - 3 hours. Then apply another layer without sanding. For optimal, long-lasting protection and professional finish, after the second coat, let the Multi-seal dry overnight, sand it with approx. 180 - 220 sandpaper grit, dust well and then apply another (third) layer. 

Fully cured within a week.