The history of Lignocolor

Chalk based paints, luxury metallic paints, waxes, lacquers, stain blocker & primer, wall paints, glazes, varnishes, pickling: Lignocolor stands for sustainable products and is considered one of the best tips for DIY colors and accessories in DIY circles. The Lignocolor family business owes its reputation to the tireless enthusiasm of its founder – and the dedication of its employees.


A boy, a garage and many cans and potty: The history of the color manufacturer Lignocolor begins next to garden tools and flower pots in the parental garage of company founder Marcel Prieto. There he experimented with pickling, natural oils, paints and pigments as a teenager, and there he also found the basic recipe of the chalk colors, which Lignocolor offers almost unchanged to this day.

Sustainable chalk colours, wall colours, varnishes and glazes

Today Marcel Prieto lives his dream. Founded during his studies as a paint engineer in the garage of his parents' house, Lignocolor stands from the beginning for chalk paints, glazes, natural oils, pickling and wall paints of the highest quality. Consistency, sustainability and ecology characterise every single product.

Secret tip for DIY fans

Initially, the family packed packages with the chalk paint in the local basement, soon established itself as an insider tip in the DIY community, which was inspired by the Shabby chic trend, hired first employees and expanded into its own rooms. In the meantime, the construction of a Lignocolor headquarters in Münsterland is planned. In the future, the laboratory, production, offices and warehouses on around 1200 square metres will be accommodated there.

Quality as a benchmark for all Lignocolor products

Despite the rapid success, Marcel Prieto remains true to his principle: Lignocolor focuses on the quality of the raw materials – and not their price – at the heart of every newly developed product. All raw materials, binders and pigments come almost without exception from Germany, France, Switzerland and Belgium in terms of sustainability.

Wide range of products and new colour trends
While The Product Range of Lignocolor has not only been added to numerous new shades, but also products such as varnishes, wall paints and glazes – and there is no end in sight. Hardly a day when the Lignocolor team does not discuss new ideas, picks up on trends such as glitter and metallic colours or sets them all over again.

DIY projects in the garage
Today Marcel Prieto lives together with his partner near his parents' house in Münsterland, where some walls with the Lignocolor wall colors Shell and Manhattan set delicate accents. The garage no longer uses the family as a paint laboratory, but one or the other piece of furniture still gets a new coat of paint there – of course with chalk colours from the Lignocolor palette.

Lignocolor - From Germany with love

Our slogan is very much our thing, because it is very suitable for our manufactory: it makes very clear that we are a family-run paint manufacturer, where everything is still produced, bottled and labelled by hand. 
Our customers also appreciate the good and competent advice, as they are still advised directly by specialists/paint engineers, etc. This has a lot of benefits for Australian DIY enthusiasts as well: if we receive special customer enquiries that are made about the products / ingredients / processing, etc., then we are more than happy to help from Germany, if an enquiry cannot be answered here in Australia.