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Available in 250ml size.


Hardwax oils may be used for beautifying and protecting raw / sanded wood and painted surfaces. Hardwax oil finishes provide an aesthetically pleasing and very natural appearing finishing method without forming a “plastic” like film on the wood (which obscures the grain and texture of the wood).


With our Lignocolor Hardwax Oils achieving a protective low sheen or semi-gloss (on raw wood) and a shiny, natural finish (on painted surfaces) is very easy. 


Like all Lignocolor products, it is super easy to use. Our Lignocolor Hardwax Oil is made from natural, sustainable raw materials.


We manufacture our hard wax oil in our German factory on an ecological basis. Environmentally friendly production is an integral part of our company philosophy. Based on vegetable oils, which we have gently combined with natural resins and waxes, the hard wax oil is suitable for all common wood types indoors such as oak, pine, mahogany, beech or teak. 

Please dispose of oil saturated materials properly, and in accordance with local regulations.


Treatment with the oil gives wood surfaces a silk matte or semi-gloss surface. Our Lignocolor Hardwax oils enhance the wood grain, bringing out the timber’s natural beauty, allowing it to breathe. The wood looks a little darker, the grain comes to the fore with contrast. The hard wax oil also ensures that furniture and floors become more durable and water-repellent. So it is made for all those who want to maintain their furniture easily and effectively!


Stir well before use! After the material has been removed, close the container well again and again to protect the contents from drying/skin formation.


Our hard wax oil can be easily applied thinly with a brush or a lint-free cloth (used t-shirt) and incorporated with a scourer pad (coming with the product) as needed. After treatment with our Lignocolor hard wax oil, the wood grain has a more contrasting effect and the wood as a whole darker and more brilliant. Especially old wooden furniture and floors benefit from this effect.

Table tops, countertops or furniture surfaces must be durable, scratch-resistant and water-repellent to bring joy for decades. Our Lignocolor hard wax oils combines all these characteristics and is therefore perfect for indoor wooden surfaces. 


Furniture surfaces, for example, should be wiped with a dry or damp cloth from time to time. Our furniture or wood wax is ideal for care.

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One major advantage of our Lignocolor Hardwax oil finishes is that when properly maintained, they can last a lifetime without needing to be sanded and refinished  and will look more beautiful as time goes on. Maintenance of hardwax oils is easier, more convenient and less time-consuming than maintaining a traditional film forming finish like polyurethane.

  • Ability to achieve low to no sheen on raw wood and a shiny, natural, beautiful finish on chalk painted surfaces.

  • Keeps the natural look and feel of wood.

  • Does not build up a film over the wood.

  • Environmentally friendly. 

  • Water-resistant.

  • Will never peel or flake.

  • Good stain resistance.

  • When properly maintained, does not require sanding and refinishing.