Our Lignocolor Furniture wax is a furniture wax based on renewable raw materials. It is recommended for sealing painted surfaces. Due to its balanced ratio of high-quality bee and carnauba wax, it dries in minutes, application is therefore super easy and quick. 

Available in 375ml and in 5 different colours


The surface should be clean, dry, free of dust, grease, oil. For the initial treatment of untreated surfaces, a light sanding is recommended. If the furniture wax is used for the (regular) plege, sanding is not necessary beforehand.


Lignocolor furniture wax is suitable for both painted and untreated surfaces. It is recommended to use the furniture wax in a warm room (at least 15°C) as it becomes softer and easier to process. When applied, the wax must be thinly rubbed with a soft, lint-free cloth or wax brush in even, circular movements. Depending on how far the pores of the wood are opened, the product absorbs faster or slower. Let it dry for 10 minutes then buff it off with a lint-free cloth.


f necessary, additional layers can be applied in order to achieve a good long-term result. However, it is important that every single layer dries well.