Our Lignocolor chalk board paint is a matte, water-based paint with excellent coverage. Due to its special recipe, it is very easy to apply and coverage is excellent. Our chalk board paint can also be labeled with chalk and then wipes again moist.

With Lignocolor's eco-friendly chalk board paint, you can add a fresh, decorative coat to your bathroom, kitchen, hallway and bedroom walls. Create inspiring chalk times at home!

Colour: Back To School


Stir and shake well before use! The surface should be clean, grease- , wax- , and silicone-free. Weathered wood surfaces must be sanded down to the durable wood. 

Depending on the desired painting effect, apply the Lignocolor chalk board paint once or twice with a brush or a painter's roll. For the coating of e.g. already painted wood, a light sanding with 180 / 240 grit should be done. Dust the area well! 

Apply approx. 80g/m2 with a flat brush, depending on the desired effect. Apply the Lignocolor chalk board paint again after approx. 3 - 4 hours of drying.

Allow to dry at room temperature for 2 hours. Depending on the desired effect, our water-based chalk board paint can be diluted with 1-3% tap water.

Tools can be cleaned with water immediately after use, dried paint residues can be removed with acetone.